Hormel Compleats Review

Hormel® Compleats™ breakfast is ready in just 60 seconds, so it’s perfect for time-strapped consumers who want the energy provided by a hearty breakfast but don’t have precious minutes in the morning to spare on preparing a meal. Even better, the line is the first of its kind to include real shelf-stable eggs, utilizing innovative new technology to create a breakfast packed with protein to provide sustaining energy throughout the day.
I got a few of these to review at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
Breakfast is always forgotten in my house. The kids eat breakfast at school and I hit the floor running in the morning because I like to sleep as long as possible. I usually grab a pop tart or something else just as unhealthy. I’ve been trying to buy some breakfast food that’s quick and actually healthy. Taste is a big factor too. I couldn’t wait to try these Compleats. I have bought the Hormel meals like this for lunch and they are pretty good. I was really impressed with these. They are quick and easy to heat up and they really do taste delicious! I really like my home made eggs and meat breakfasts on the weekends when hubby cooks for us. I was curious to see if these would make the cut for taste, and they did, with flying colors! They are really filling too. I can eat one of these before I head out the door to work and feel full and make it to lunch without needing junky snacks. These are very budget friendly also. You can buy a weeks worth of breakfast to have at home for what you would pay for 2 or 3 days of fast food breakfasts. Even my sugary cereal addict boys like these. They are a hit here! 

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