FireFly Toothbrush and Mouth Rinse Review and Giveaway

Firefly® understands how important it is for kids to form good habits from the start. Play is integral to our product development. That’s why Firefly® is committed to developing creative solutions that are GOOD. CLEAN. FUN.
FireFly donates thousands of toothbrushes to at risk children to help build healthy oral care habits that will last a lifetime.
I received 2 FireFly Toothbrushes and 2 different flavors of Mouth Rinse at no cost in exchange for an honest review
 We got 2 of the Light Up Tooth Brushes and 2 flavors of the Angry Birds Mouth Rinse
The Review
Parents of young kids know the struggle of getting them to brush their teeth. Some kids don’t mind, but mine fight me every day. We have tried all kinds of things to get them to cooperate. Electric, colors, characters, flavored toothpastes, and the list goes on. The Light Up Toothbrushes from FireFly have caught their attention though! These make it easy for them to know just how long they have to brush. When you push the button the lights go from red to yellow to green. They brush until the lights go green. Very cool and easy concept for even the youngest child to understand. My boys are also very picky about mouth wash. It seems they don’t like any flavor available, they have a complaint about every one I have tried. I tried both of these myself before they did so I would know if they were sweet or harsh or anything. I found them both to be good. Sweet but not make you sick sweet and no alcohol-ish stingy flavor. I got them both to use the blue no problem. My 6 year old tried the pink also and said he liked it. I love that these have the little plastic cups with them, so they only use what they are supposed to and don’t waste it. I’m pretty confident we have found the right toothbrush this time and my boys will start doing better now. This is a great line of products and they have plenty of different designs for boys and girls. The line of products is very budget friendly also. If you have littles who fight brushing teeth, you need to check FireFly out!
Please be sure to check out Firefly online at FireFlyFireFly Facebook, FireFly Twitter and FireFly Pinterest.

Easy Entry Giveaway for one Ready Go Toothbrush and a bottle of Angry Birds Mouth Rinse!

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