Chic Tweak Scarf Review and Giveaway

Founded in 2012 and based in New York City, Chic Tweak has quickly become THE go-to online scarf destination for fashion enthusiasts around the world.
With over 25 designers featured, we aim to curate the best and latest in fashion-forward accessories. Whether you are looking to buy an everyday scarf or a unique statement piece, Chic Tweak offers a variety of styles in a range of prices.
Named after the reasoning that accessories have the ability to “tweak your style,” Chic Tweak provides its customers with luxurious, high quality, and timeless pieces guaranteed to last wear after wear.
I received a scarf from the Lulla Collection by Bindya at no cost in exchange for my honest review

I got to chose my scarf from the Lulla collection or the Bindya collection. It was a hard choice! There are so many beautiful designs!
My Review
I have really gotten addicted to fashion scarfs. I used to think scarfs were only for cold weather and only came in plain colors and in fleece. Turns out that’s not the case anymore. There is a whole world of beautiful and luxurious fashion scarfs out there. I have a few others besides this one, but I really love this one! I wear a lot of pink, blue and gray, so I wanted something that would work with a lot of different outfits. This one has been perfect. The colors are bright and pop and it’s really soft and comfortable to wear. I can wear this year round because it’s light and doesn’t feel like a heavy weight on my neck. I can wear it out, even in the summer in Florida. It’s great for when I’m in at my job too. It gets a little chilly inside, but not necessarily enough to need to carry a jacket. I can just open this up and put it around my arms. I am thrilled with the design and quality of this scarf from ChicTweak and can’t wait to buy more designs from them!
You can enter to win a beautiful ChicTweak Scarf!

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