Cate & Chloe VIP Package Review

The visionaries of Cate & Chloe began the company with one simple clear concept in mind: to create stylish yet affordable jewelry women could wear every day. In the fast paced world we all live in it is often times hard to find time or money to have that perfect jewelry piece or accessory for that special occasion or just simply to wear confidently around town. Most importantly the visionaries wanted to ensure that every piece is hand selected to ensure it meets the standards of the C&C vision for stylish design.
I was offered the chance to work with Cate & Chloe to promote and share with my readers about their new VIP Membership Program.
I was sent a beautiful piece of jewelry and information on the VIP Membership Program in exchange for my honest review.
The VIP Membership delivers members C&C’s newest and most popular pieces twice a month. One item each month will be an exclusive pre-release item that will only be available to members! The VIP membership will deliver $200 worth of exquisite jewelry for $40 a month. What better way to stay ahead of the trend than with a VIP service that directly delivers unique, high-quality pieces?
Get all the VIP details HERE
I got the Diana “Divine” necklace to review. It came packaged in a very pretty box for the outside, and a really nice box inside also. 

My Review
I love jewelry. Anything shiny and pretty is my best friend. I am an Aries and my birthstone is a diamond, so I love any kind of jewelry with diamonds. I can’t wear earrings at all so I’m always looking for great necklaces and bracelets. Earrings can be hidden by hair. Necklaces and bracelets are something I love because they are always on display. I got to work with Cate & Chloe to share their new VIP program with you, my readers. This VIP package is a great way to get gorgeous new jewelry every month with out completely breaking your budget. You get a new piece twice a month. Two pieces of jewelry a month! These are beautiful, high quality pieces at a price that’s just ridiculously low.

This diamond necklace I got is inspired by Princess Diana. It’s a 3 ct wt faux diamond on a sterling silver chain. The diamond is brilliant and eye catching. The chain is the perfect length. It’s not too short to make you feel choked, and not so long it catches on things and you have to worry about breaking it on something. This necklace works great with anything I wear. I mostly a jeans and t-shirt girl. This is an eye catching addition to a simple jeans and t-shirt day. It’s even prettier when I actually decide to dress up.

I love the beauty of the pieces that Cate & Chloe has to offer. I am more partial to silver than gold jewelry, and they have a huge selection. My budget, and my husband, love the pricing of these beautiful pieces.

You simply can not go wrong with Cate & Chloe. Check them out at the links below and give their VIP program a try!

  1. Pretty things come in pretty packages! And, this rings true with Cate & Chloe 🙂 Their VIP Program sounds amazing… 80% Savings?!? Can't go wrong with that. The pieces are FAB!!

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