Tyrannosaurus Trek and Furry Tales Review and Giveaway

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I have a new review and giveaway from NCircle!
I received 2 new DVD’s in exchange for an honest review
Tyrannosaurus Trek: In these five brand new episodes — which have never aired in the U.S. — dino fans learn about how dinosaurs lived and thrived in the prehistoric era through the eyes of Trek, Dino Dan’s younger brother. The DVD includes a brand new 3D dinosaur which can be scanned using a free app; dinosaur fans can see a massive Gigantosaurus come to life!
Furry Tales: In the Wiggles’ latest DVD, the beloved band from down under offers tons of catchy music that young fans will love along with a few new faces, including the first ever female Wiggle, Emma the Yellow Wiggle! The DVD features over 21 songs that celebrate their animal friends and includes footage of Bengal tigers, kangaroos, dingos and other exotic animals from the Dreamworld Wildlife Park in Australia.
Our Reviews
Tyrannosaurus Trek: 

My boys love anything to do with dinosaurs. They have seen Dino Dan on TV and love it, they watch the show every chance they get. They were excited to get this DVD. Now they can watch Dino Dan anytime they want. They love these episodes. They are short enough to keep their attention, but engaging and fun enough that they talk about them for hours afterwards. After watching this my boys regaled us with their own dinosaur tales that they came up with. They want to go on a dinosaur dig now. They love this DVD and it was fun for me and my husband to watch with them also!

Furry Tales:

My youngest is slowly growing out of the Wiggles, but was still thrilled to get this new DVD. This one has 2 new Wiggles in it, he was a little unsure about that at first, but after a few minutes really got into the show. He loves loves loves anything to do with animals so this was right up his alley. He really got into all the animal facts, the music and the dancing. This DVD is educational and fun, which makes me happy and makes him happy. It’s a win win. 
NCircle is offering a giveaway along with this review! I will pick 2 winners, 1 for each movie!

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