Toilet Tree Bathroom Organizer Review

ToiletTree Products designs and manufactures upscale and innovative products used in the home and bath. We are a family owned company with a silly name and intelligent products.
I received the Bathroom Organizer – Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder with Drinking Cup at no cost in exchange for my honest review.
I got the Red one. It also comes in Blue, Green and Clear and comes in single and double size.
My Review
I have had several Toilet Tree products in the past and I am always impressed with their designs and quality. This Bathroom Organizer did not disappoint. This is a cute, fun and functional product that will look great in any bathroom. This is all plastic which makes it very easy to keep clean, and it won’t break if my kids knock it over or drop the cups. It hold several toothbrushes and has 2 cups, because they won’t share anything of course lol. I love this because it keeps everything together nicely and my counter isn’t cluttered. It keeps the toothbrushes up off the counter and clean. I’ve had to throw many toothbrushes away because they’ve been knocked over on the floor, in the toilet and the trash. I got the double because we need a bigger one. but this also comes in a single size and in 3 other colors. This is a necessity for any bathroom and Toilet Tree is the brand to go with for items like this! Check them out!

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