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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tickety Toc Spring Chicks Time DVD Review and Giveaway

*I received a copy of this DVD at no cost in exchange for my honest review

In “Spring Chicks Time”  the adorable duo, Tommy and Tallulah, celebrate the season with a town picnic, a nature hike and a kite-flying contest! When the mischievous Spring Chicks fly off in one of the kites, the town must save them just in the nick of chime time! In these fair-weather and fun-packed episodes, the Tickety Town team, along with preschool viewers, will learn the importance of teamwork, community and social responsibility.

Episodes include:

· “Spring Chicks Time”
· “Nature Trail Time”
· “Picnic Time”
· “Watermelon Time”
· “Veggie Time”
· “Bug Time”

DVD Bonus Features:

 Coloring and Activity Sheets

Our Review

We've added the newest Tickety Toc installment to our collection, and my 6 year old is thrilled! He loves Tickety Toc stories and adores the characters. This time they got coloring pages and had a blast coloring special pictures for mommy to hang on the wall. They have been learning about Spring and plants and we are getting ready to plant some things in our front yard. We also live right on the edge of a national forest here in FL and they love to go walking. This is a great addition to any collection and has some really great Spring centered episodes. If your kids love Tickety Toc as much as mine do make sure you grab this one!

To help celebrate the release of “Spring Chicks Time,” Anchor Bay has scooped-up an exciting national cross-promotion with Joy Cone. From April 1 through December 31, for $2.50 shipping & handling, consumers who purchase a Joy Cone product and any Tickety Toc DVD can receive two free Tickety Toc books from Scholastic. Color box art from the “Spring Chicks Time” DVD will be featured on 1 million boxes of Joy Cone product as part of the “tick tocktastic” promotion.

Win a copy before you buy it! If you win the DVD you also get a coupon for a free box of Joy Ice Cream Cones!


  1. Our favorite spring time activity is either taking our dog to the dog park or going to the playground with the kiddos. Our kiddos enjoy doing both!

  2. Our favorite activity during this time of the year is going to the park, while it is still cool, and enjoying a lunch at the park.

  3. Our favirite spring time activity is planting flowers and blowing bubbles

  4. We love to go walk on the beach, and make a BBQ there

  5. Picnics at the park or walks with the wagon!

  6. We love to go for walks in the woods

  7. We love going outside to blow bubbles and play with sidewalk chalk!

  8. Going to the park is definitely our favorite!

  9. Blowing Bubbles for the kids to chase!

  10. We love to plant seeds and flowers!

  11. We enjoy going on outdoor adventures. :)

  12. We like to go to the local park and the lake to feed the ducks and birds
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  13. volunteering at animal rescues!

  14. going to the park and walking around our land and ponds

  15. Oh we love going outside and blowing bubbles! Love to see how big we can get them and how far they go!

  16. Playing outside and going to the zoo.

  17. Favorite would be going to the park. Nice cool breeze, lots of fun playing

  18. Our favorite spring activity is playing baseball.

  19. We just love biking near the river! It's just so beautiful!

  20. We love to walk in our neighborhood or nearby park!