Secret Clinical Strength Review and Giveaway

Whether it’s caused by a work deadline, chaotic day with the kids, or visit from the in-laws, stress stinks… literally! Out of the three causes of sweat—heat, activity, and stress—stress sweat has been proven to smell the worst.
Luckily, Secret® Clinical Strength has got you covered when stress strikes. Moisture activated, and formulated with odor-neutralizing ingredients that release a fresh scent, Secret Clinical Strength is proven to give you 4X*(*vs. wetness protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant) the protection against stress sweat. Visit for the scoop on stress sweat!
Now available in two new forms, Clear Gel and Invisible Solid, and in scents like Ooh-La-La Lavender, Secret Clinical Strength will help you feel dry, fresh, and fearless all day long!
I received a $10 Walmart Gift Card to purchase Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant in order to facilitate my review. 
I purchased Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant in Stress Response. It is Serene Citrus Scent.
My Review
We women like to pretend like we are all sugar, spice and everything nice. The harsh reality is that women sweat and stink too. Thankfully there are products like Secret Clinical Strength to help us uphold that sugar and spice image to the outside world. I received a gift card to buy the Secret Clinical in the scent of my choice. I picked the Serene Citrus Scent. I am really partial to the citrus scent. I live in Florida and the weather has been warming up steadily lately. I have tried numerous different deodorants in the past. I have 2 that I’m loyal to, they hold up pretty well. I was more than willing to give this one a try though. I picked up the Smooth Solid type. I love this deodorant. It smells amazing and works really well. I wore my strapless summer dress the other day to work with no problem. It doesn’t mark or stain my clothing. The best part is it really works. I was outside in 85 degree heat on my breaks and had absolutely no worries about how I smelled when I went back inside. No complaints from the girls sitting next to me anyways lol. I will definitely keep buying Secret Clinical Strength!
You can win a $25 Walmart Gift Card from Secret!

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The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by Secret.

  1. I use Dove deodorant, though I feel a little guilty as I know I should look up that dangers of such deodorant. Some things I want to just not know about! LOL Who wants to stink? I think my husband needs clinical strength personally. He is a soldier who works hard and smells like it too! LOL

  2. I'm a long time user of basic Secret – Powder Fresh – but I just tried a sample of their clinical strength…I think it was in Clean Scent…and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  3. I had received some samples of secret clinical strength in the past. I love it, it's a bit expensive for me though so I only get it when I have a really good coupon or win it 🙂

  4. Honestly right now, I'm still trying to find one that works well for me. I have no favorite!

    Jenny Stanek

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