SAAS Hot Sauce Review

SAAS hot sauce is the drool-worthy brainchild of a team of students who wanted a way to make money for a good cause. Two delicious flavors were created, “Original” and “Onion Garlic”, with only the freshest ingredients and innovative recipes to bring a unique, one-of-a-kind “flavor that brings you home”!
I received some SAAS Hot sauce at no cost in exchange for an honest review
I got 3 sizes of each flavor

SAAS comes in 3.5 oz, 11.6 oz, and 18.3 oz
Original SAAS- A classy and flavorful finish with a good amount of heat. An amazing mix of fresh red jalapeƱos, orange habaneros, and spices gives this sauce a rich, fresh red pepper flavor with a complex and refined bouquet that always compliments any food it may be served with.
Onion & Garlic SAAS- Our Onion and Garlic flavor hot sauce uses only the freshest onions combined with garlic, honey, and orange habaneros to bring you a tangy and sweet addition to any meal. Like our Original flavor, it has a delicious zest, with rich subtleties that always compliment any food you may try it with.
The Review
I don’t do hot sauce at all. My husband however does. He is always looking for the hottest and most unique flavors. He was so excited when this package came from SAAS! Hot sauce, and it has an onion and garlic flavor? He’s in heaven! He couldn’t wait to try this out. He went and bought chicken to marinate with this. He uses this on his burgers and even sausage. He says the flavor is amazing and it’s very hot! I have tried a very small amount of the original, and it is really good, for a hot sauce lol. It smells amazing also. My 8 and 6 year old boys are a lot more adventurous than I am, so they also really like the Original flavor, in very small amounts. The consistency for this is geared more to a marinade than a dipping type sauce. Hubby is very very happy and says he will definitely buy this brand again!

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