Pound Puppies A Perfect Match Review

The Pound Puppies find they have their paws full with their newest adventures! In A Perfect Match, the Pound Puppies come to the rescue when a so-called “un-matchable puppy” finally finds his match – and loses him, assist a shy puppy on a High Energy Scouts camping trip, help a furless pup to bolster his confidence, and they have to investigate why a paper girl’s deliveries are always late!
Episodes Include:
The Yipper Caper
Working K-9 to 5
Hello Kitten
Beauty is Only Fur Deep
No More S’mores
We received a copy of this DVD at no cost in exchange for our honest review
Our Review
I remember the Pound Puppies from when I was little and absolutely love that they are still around. I also love that my boys love them as much as I did and still do! The episodes are adorable and the voices are spot on for the characters. The boys find them funny and engaging. There’s a great lesson wrapped up in the fun and cuteness. Human kindness and acceptance of others are very important lessons every child should learn at an early age and carry with them in life. With all the other mindless, mind numbing and ridiculousness on TV I’m glad I have found a great show that they love and that I’m ok with them watching. They love that they have these great episodes on DVD and can watch whenever they want. Pound Puppies are a needed addition and a must have for every child’s movie collection!
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