Poetic Justice Jeans Review

Poetic Justice Jeans are specifically designed to FIT YOUR SHAPE.
The collection contains multiple trendy fashion styles as well as classy basics that can be easily transformed from day to night outfits. Variety of skinny, cropped, boyfriend and boot cut jeans will give you the possibility to choose your perfect jean.
Our jeans are designed in USA, so the fit was created precisely. Hours of fitting made our jeans fit as a glove. An exceptional quality along with an excellent fit makes this line a winner. Each and every style will highlight your curves tastefully. Poetic Justice Jeans are flattering, great recovery bottoms. All fabrics are chosen with curvy shape in mind. You will never need your belt again. 
The size scale caters to as many women as possible – majority of styles are available in regular sizes 26 – 32 and plus sizes 16-20. Size Chart and Fitting Guide will help you to navigate fast and effortlessly.
I got to pick a pair of Poetic Justice Jeans at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review

There’s something classy and chic about loose layers, right? So why not apply this look with our jeans. Drum roll please: Introducing the boyfriend jeans. One of the biggest fashion trends is the juxtaposition of masculinity and femininity. For example, the biggest hit on the runway is the whole androgynous look. Mixing bold with simple, colors with neutrals, and now strength with classy. Yet, jumping in headfirst and going for the look right off the runway is sometimes too overwhelming and drastic. No problem here. Go for the lighter end of this trending look and get these jeans.
*Picture from website, NOT me*

My Review

*This is me in the jeans, not looking nearly as good as the model lol. It’s blurry because no one can take pictures as good as I do lol*

My Review

So as stated, I’m not a model, and these jeans don’t fit me like they do the model lol. I have the hardest time shopping for jeans, I cannot even tell you how frustrating it is! My health issues cause my weight to fluctuate, sometimes dramatically, throughout the year. Sometimes I actually have curves, other times not so much. In this picture, not so much lol. However, I LOVE these jeans! These are true to size from what I sized on the website. The material is very soft and comfortable! I washed them and they didn’t shrink that I noticed. No matter if my weight is up or down these jeans are awesome! My hips are bigger than my waist so I usually have to deal with a gap in the waist. It’s uncomfortable and not very cute looking. With these Skinny Boyfriend Jeans there is no gap, and my hips have room to move. I can roll them up a bit to make them more like Capris, and unroll them to make them pants for work or a night out. These are very versatile. I have finally found a brand of jean that really works for me! If you have trouble finding great jeans like I do you need to check out Poetic Justice!

Interview with designer Kalia Kirby
1.    What does fashion mean to you?      

          It means Everything! Especially designing. I absolutely love the process of seeing my sketch graduate to actual garments.

2.    What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?      

          My first  article was a muslin shift dress with darts. It’s was the most basic thing ever.

3.    What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? 

          For me, quality embodies fabric and sewing technique. You can’t have one without the other.

4.    What do you like best and dislike most about designing clothes? 

          What I love most about designing is being able to use any and everything around me for inspiration. I can’t say that I dislike anything about designing.

5.    Where do you get your inspiration? 

          I pull inspiration from everywhere especially when it comes to color and silhouette.

6.    Where can readers find out more about you and your work?        

          I’ll be creating a blog shortly to show the day and life of Kalia Kirby – Calloway and what’s it’s like to be a designer. In the meantime I try to tell the story if my design journey through my Instagram @behinthescenes

7.    What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines, or books? 

          I love browsing random fashion Instagrams and looking at the pages of vogue, Elle, and Lucky.  Polyvore and Style.com are also great fashion resources.

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