Noah’s Ark DVD Review

Noah is building a whale of a boat in order to save two of every species from a flood that will cover the entire world! As the rain begins to fall outside and animals line up two by two, it soon becomes clear that living together on a very cramped ship isn’t going to be easy!
Trouble begins to brew when the animals begin to get hungry, a pair of stowaways plot to take over the ship, Dagnino the Tiger wants to replace the irresponsible Lion, Xiro, as king of the beasts, and Noah’s own family begins to squabble! One thing’s for sure – it won’t be smooth sailing on this trip. But with a little luck and a little faith, Noah will be able to deliver his floating zoo to safety!
We got a copy of this DVD at no cost in exchange for our honest review
Our Review
This was cute take on an old tale. The animal characters are cute and funny and my boys got a kick out of the voices and the story. This is not a dead on interpretation of the original story. We are not a very religious family so my boys didn’t really notice. For entertainment value this is cute and funny, but if you are devout and your children know the story accurately they may notice some of the discrepancies. Like I said though, this movie is cute, the character are funny and it’s entertaining.
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