Kids Academy 123 Tracing Free Educational App Review

Kid’s Academy is a team of like-minded people who have come together to create educational apps for children. As parents, we understand how important it is for our kids to develop and have fun at the same time. For this reason, our educational apps involve children into game-like activities.
We got the 123 Tracing App to download in exchange for our honest opinion
Our Review
The free version only gives you numbers 1-3. You will have to purchase the full version at $1.99 to get 1-10. My 6 year old is really into his numbers right now, and loves any excuse to get to play with my phone. This was a short distraction game for him. He did like the fireflies also. There is a parents area in the app also where you can change settings and track your child’s success. You will need to buy the full version though to do this. This is a cute game overall. It keeps the kid entertained for awhile and doesn’t take up too much memory on my phone. They have several other educational apps also!

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