Drink Buddy Review

NO MORE SPILLED DRINKS. Amazing. Drink-Buddy attaches to cups, glasses, cans, bottles and other beverage containers and keeps them from tipping over and spilling. No more spilling your coffee on your computer or your water off your nightstand. Use at your desk, the dinner table, by the TV, at the pool, on boats, at restaurants, the beach, anywhere. Lightweight, comfortable to hold, easy to use, stackable, dishwasher safe. Small enough to fit in a purse or bag. Great for busy adults, active kids, seniors, individuals will motor skill impairment. No more cleaning up messy and costly spills. Drink-Buddy is a no-spill solution for everyone- at home or on the go. For ages 1 year and older
I got a Green Drink Buddy at no cost in exchange for my honest review
Our Review
I love this product! I can not begin to tell you how many spills happen in our house! The boys run around and knock into my tables and don’t pay attention when they reach for their cups. It’s very frustrating! They are 6 and 8 and keep telling me they are too old for sippy cups. I tell them I can’t afford to keep cleaning the carpet! This Drink Buddy is so simple, yet so amazing! I was a little skeptical that this could prevent all the spills and messes that my boys can create, but it really delivered. Even if they bumped into it, it sort of “skipped” on the table and didn’t turn over. Now they are able to use “big people” glasses like the rest of us and I don’t have to keep cleaning out yukky sippy cups. The Drink Buddy is small enough it will fit in my purse when we go out also. I can take it with us when we visit friends or go out to eat. I can not recommend this product enough. If you have kids, or even if you are clumsy yourself, Drink Buddy is absolutely a must have!
  1. This is a neat idea, kids are notorious for spills… ahem… not mentioning how often I spill things here…

    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  2. My boys could definitely use this. I cannot tell you how many times I have to scrub the floor each week because they have spilled a drink. Thanks for linking up at #ThrowbackThursdayLP

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