Does Your Child Smell Like Cigarette Smoke?

Does Your Child Smell Like Cigarette Smoke?
Kids in school can be relentless when it comes to picking on others. Everything from looks to smells can be the focal point of bullying for these children. While you try your best to help prevent your child from being victimized in this fashion, are you aware that your smoking can be affecting his or her life in the classroom? You could inadvertently be causing greater issues for your child other than an unhealthy lifestyle.

Cigarette smoke can permeate through clothing and can become very strong to those that are not regular smokers. Since you smoke cigarettes or cigars, you don’t really notice the stale burnt tobacco scent that clings to your clothing. A child can still smell like a smoker hours after being in contact with the actual smoke itself. This is partly due to the fact that cigarettes can leave a kind of residue that creates a thin film on everything it touches. Heavy cigarette smokers can see this effect on walls that have been stained with a yellow tint. It is this film that is collecting onto your child’s clothing every time you light up in his or her presence.

As if the health benefits of quitting smoking were not enough, think of the welfare of your child while he or she is in school. Find out how you can quit smoking and reduce the bullying your child may be experiencing throughout the day. Don’t help the bullies target your child because he or she smells like an ashtray everyday.

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