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Friday, April 4, 2014

Creamed Soaps Review and Giveaway

Creamed Soaps bars are scented with pure essential oils, and enriched with organic shea and cocoa butters. They use natural herbal colorants. The goal is to create hot process bars with little to no skin sensitives. So...Come Get Creamed.!

Creamed Soaps was created by Amber Matthews

"As a sufferer of eczema since I was a child, last year I was motivated to do something about it. That is when I discovered the wonderful world of handmade all natural soap. I fell in love and decided that I would love to make it and sell it to others."

I got to pick a bar of Creamed Soap from her Etsy Shop at no cost in exchange for my honest review

I picked the Tree Hugger (HP) Vegan bar!

It is scented with Teatree, Cedarwood and Cinnamon essential oils. Are you currently a fan of Cedarwood & Teatree soaps? We found by adding a touch of Cinnamon it added a unique warmth to this bar. We enriched it with Organic Cocoa & Shea butters along with Avocado oil. The swirl that you see was created using Cocoa powder and Ground Paprika! We pride ourselves in creating a truly natural bar that will be suitable for all skin types, especially those that suffer with eczema.

My Review

Me and my boys have very sensitive skin. I have eczema and so do they. It's hard to find soaps and skin care products that work well and don't overly irritate our skin and make us break out. Amber from Creamed Soaps contacted me and asked if I would review one of her soaps. I picked the Tree Hugger scented bar. My husband thinks I'm a little odd because I really like the scent of Tea Tree oil. As soon as I opened this package I was in love. The scent is amazing! The soap is pretty to look at, but I couldn't wait to actually use it. Again, the soap smells amazing! It sudsed up really nice and felt great on my skin. It was soothing and left my skin feeling clean and soft. I had a few spots on my arm and one on my leg that was bothering me when I started using this soap. The soap really helped and was soothing so it didn't bother me as much through the day. My extremely sensitive 6 year old liked the soap too. He said it made his elbows feel better. He has real bad eczema on his elbows right now. My husband didn't love the scent, but still tried it and said the soap was nice and made his skin feel clean and soft. This was a hit with everyone and I will definitely buy more soap from Creamed Soaps!

Win a bar!



  2. Cranberry Citrus would be the one I would choose!

  3. I would like to try Cranberry Citrus