Color Me Monthly Review

Color Me Monthly is a fun and simple subscription service that delivers gorgeous nail polish to your door for just $7/month. We are passionately committed to providing the highest-quality, toxin-free, and cruelty-free ingredients. We don’t believe in charging our customers a premium for flashy marketing and pretty packaging; instead, we focus our efforts on continuously improving the quality of our products. In addition to our monthly subscriptions, we also offer gift options and sell some of our past colors in a section of our website called The Vault.
I was sent the April box from Color Me Monthly at no cost in exchange for an honest review
The color for April is Chiffon
“graceful elegance like you are floating on air woven from softness”

*My mom’s hand :)*
My Review
I love my hands and my nails. I love colors and designs and bling on my nails. Right now I have acrylic nails on and I get new and different designs every few weeks. When you go to the same place all the time though, you eventually run through the colors and the techs design ideas. I am in need of some new and unique colors to take with me next time. This box from Color Me Monthly cam just in the nick of time. I like to be a little bright and outrageous sometimes, but I also love my soft muted pretty colors. This color is Chiffon. I am a huge Purple fan so I’m always looking for new shades. This color fits the bill perfectly. It’s not quite time for my next fill, so my mom let me paint her nails. This polish is great. This polish is toxin free and has no smell. I don’t mean a light smell or a not so bad smell, it really has no chemical smell that I could detect. It went on smooth and covered her nails easily with no ridges or feathering. It dries pretty quick too. I am very impressed with this polish and will definitely order again from Color Me Monthly. It’s extremely affordable also. You’re not paying for fancy packaging, it comes in a cute little plain cardboard box. The polish speaks for itself. If you love your nails check them out!

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