Big Lather Bath Sponge Review

A revolutionary bath sponge that creates the BIGGEST lather ever + saves $ + helps the environment + better clean!
I received a few Big Lather Bath Sponges for my family to try at no cost in exchange for an honest review

Our Review
I love my bath sponges. I buy all different colors and I pick out different body washes. The problem is that I go through body wash pretty quick. Some suds better than others, some take more to make suds. It gets pretty expensive. I hadn’t really even thought about how many plastic bottles we were contributing to the land fills until I was offered the chance to review this Big Lather Bath Sponge. This bath sponge is pretty awesome. Instead of going through bottles of body wash you can use your favorite bar soap. It stays in it nicely with the slide cord adjuster, and the best part is you still get major suds! I have always used the body wash over bar soap because I really like all the suds I get with body wash. For some reason I feel like I get more clean with more suds lol. My husband loves his Lever bar soap and now he can use this cool bath sponge instead of just a wash cloth. My boys of course think this is awesome. They get their own “poofy” and can use daddy’s big guy soap. The bar soap lasts a lot longer than liquid body wash so we are saving money all over the place with these. We give these a big 5/5!!

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