BFast Breakfast Shakes Review and Giveaway

It’s the on-the-go way to enjoy the benefits of a bowl of cereal and milk* in a delicious, gluten-free shake.
Whether rushing to a morning meeting, staying up late to unwind and play video games, or burning the midnight oil to finish a term paper or work deadline, BFAST Shakes are the perfect solution for people who find it hard to fit a traditional breakfast into their daily routine.
Made with whole grain rice, oats and quinoa, as well as 8g of protein and 3 g fiber, BFAST Shakes provide great-tasting balanced nutrition and is gluten-free. It comes in three classic flavors, Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry and can now be found in the cereal aisle at grocery stores nationwide.
I received the 3 flavors of BFast Breakfast Shakes at no cost in exchange for my honest review
My Review
I am not a morning person in any shape or form. Regardless of that known fact, my body does still require fuel to get started and get me through the day. Most mornings I don’t have the time or energy to try to eat something healthy. I wind up eating something sugary like a pop tart or a doughnut from the gas station. I got the chance to review these BFast Breakfast Shakes, and I’m so glad I did. I got Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry to try. I’m really not a fan of anything Strawberry, so my 8 year old drank that one. He said it was delicious and now asks when I’m buying more. I tried the Chocolate and I really liked it. It was really good, and it filled me up for the morning, so I didn’t feel like I was crashing 2 hours after I got to work. These are really convenient, I can drink one on my way to work and even carry it with me to my desk if I need to. These are also gluten free, so I can recommend these to my friends that have that particular dietary restriction too. Overall these are delicious, nutritious and will give you some pep in your morning! 

You can try before you buy! Just enter the easy giveaway below!

  1. My breakfasts vary a lot. If I have a lot of physical work to do in the day I may take the time to scramble eggs or will make a pb and j sandwich for protein. If it's a laid back day maybe yogurt or cereal. On days when I walk to work I usually stop for a doughnut or bagel

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