Wonki Wands Review

Wonkiwands make anytime playtime. Make the biggest bubbles you have ever seen instantly.

We received a set of Wonki Wands and Wonki bubble sauce to try at no cost in exchange for our honest review
Our Review
My boys went crazy when this package arrived! One thing they have always loved is bubbles. They love to play with them and we’re always looking for new creative things out there to do with bubbles. Bubble guns, colored bubbles, scented bubbles, the list goes on and on. We have seen a few things that boast about making big bubbles but they don’t seem to be really really big, and with my boys it’s bigger is better. It was raining the day this arrived so they had to wait a few days before we could get outside to play with it. These are awesome! That is really a very fitting word for these! 

The boys went crazy when my husband started making the bubbles and they saw how big they were. We had neighbors coming out to see what we were doing, and a few cars even slowed or stopped to look. Like I said AWESOME! The wands and bubble sauce are very easy to use, my 8 year old was able to do a couple by himself with no problem.
Bubbles make people happy and these wands and the bubbles they create have made my boys very very happy!  Wonki Wands come in Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple and White. They are very easy on the wallet at only 19.99 for your wands and that includes a 16 oz bottle of the Wonki Bubble Sauce. The Wonki Bubble Sauce is only 4.99. You can’t beat that! Any budget can afford that. Check out the instructional video and enter to win a set before you buy!!

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