Terror on Home Soil Review

Not all terrorists wear turbans and cross our borders to attack us. Some are home bred, but still disloyal to our way of life. Jason Williams is taught by his father to love his country but hate its government. Carl Williams, a decorated Viet Nam war veteran and single parent, passes on his expertise as a munitions expert to his only son. That, along with classified training manuals supplied to him by an Army friend holding a high government job, makes Jason one of the deadliest ordinance experts in the world. 
High school is painful and because of his interest in computers and disinterest in sports, Jason, along with two other boys, Delblert Fulkerson, and Landon Stober, are branded geeks and are out casted, and often made the butt of cruel practical jokes. The boys become close friends and using stolen military ordinance from long ago, seek revenge on their classmates. 
Realizing that they could “payback” society for the abuse they suffered the boys form the Save America Society (SAS) and blackmail large corporations in the name of freeing America. 
Known only as Cloud, Jason’s father’s friend eventually enlists Jason to help with a bigger agenda. His American Freedom Movement (AFM) group claim to be on a mission to rescue the country from crooked politicians, but in reality they have a much more ambitious agenda. With worldwide conspirators involved, Clouds real objective is the downfall of the United States. 
Frank Label and LuAnn Bonneville, Homeland security agents assigned to domestic terrorism, spend years pursuing first the SAS and then the AFM. Frank, a hard nosed city cop and profiler, is teamed with LuAnn, a forensic scientist and self defense instructor. It’s not a match made in heaven, but eventually after realizing that their mission is bigger than personal feelings, a bond if formed and they dedicate themselves to the goal of rooting out America’s enemies.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
My Review
This was a chilling story about terrorists in our own back yard. This book grabbed me from the first page, and it was a page turner that kept me up late at night. The thought that your own next door neighbor could be plotting to bring an end to the world as we know it is terrifying to say the least. The plot was well thought out and the author created very well developed characters that you will like, hate and empathize with. The story is laid out in a way you will have no questions about the who and what, the questions remain about the why though. Why would a young kid with so much potential get into such a dangerous situation. This story is fast paced and hair raising. If you are looking for a great thriller that will make your heart race, this is it! A big 5/5!

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