Qi Orthopedic Pillow Review

The QiPillow looks like a beautiful throw pillow but is actually a unique, orthopedic back support.
The QiPillow differs from regular pillows by providing dynamic pressure, as opposed to the static pressure. This way the back muscles are more relaxed and the body is more comfortable. QiPillow does not collapse under bodyweight and will help you to maintain the correct posture. With QiPillow, your back support will always adjust to your body, seat and comfort, instead of the other way round. Unsupported sitting is damaging your back each time you sit, at work, at home, in cars. QiPillow corrects that by providing dynamic support to your back.
I got a QiPillow at no cost to try in exchange for my honest review
1. Open the zippers of the cushion cover and core. 
2. Expose the adjustment air valve. 
3. Rotate the valve cap counter-clock wise to open the valve. 
4. Wrap your index finger and thumb around the cap.
5. Lift the cap up, till your fingers feel the weight of the pillow. 
6. Inflate with your mouth, while lifting, to a desired thickness for best support.
7. Close the valve by rotating the valve cap clock wise firmly. And enjoy the soothing relaxation!
My Review
If you follow my blog then you know I have long standing chronic back pain that affects my daily life. I am always looking for new products that will help give me relief and make my day to day life a little easier and less painful. I’ve tried several different types of pillows that are supposed to help with posture and support, and I’ve tried different massage pillows. The QiPillow is unique to these other ones though. The QiPillow has an adjustable air pillow inside of the fashionable outer pillow covers. When I need more support I can make it firmer, and when I need a little less I can adjust it down in a minute. I can use this behind my back on the couch and in bed, I can use it under my legs if I need to also. It’s also convenient enough and easy enough to use in the car. When I’m not using it it looks like any other throw pillow on my couch or chair. I love how easy this pillow is to adjust, I can literally do it in seconds! I also love the color I got and how soft the cover is. It’s so comfortable to use. It’s helped a lot with my lower back pain. I’ve been working a job where I sit all day so I need the extra support for my back. I’m so happy I got to try this pillow. I highly recommend you give this pillow a chance if you need any kind of extra support for your back! I give QiPillow a big 5/5!

QiPillow is currently available at Walgreens, Kmart and on Amazon

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