Over and Done With — Cleaning the Home in Half the Time

Over and Done With — Cleaning the Home in Half the Time
Cleaning — it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. It’s essential to minimize dust and dirt in the home. That’s not just for appearance’s sake — if there’s anyone in your home who suffers an allergy, the dust can really make their life a misery.
If you have a large family or have pets — or if you have both — or even if you have just a small family (you’ll be surprised at the amount of mess kids can cause!), the weekly clean can be a daunting task taking many hours of hard work. With the right equipment and the right techniques, though, you can cut down on cleaning time and enjoy a tidier, more sparkly abode.
Eliminating carpet dust
Thanks to some of the mighty carpet cleaners on the market, it can take much less time to give the carpet a once over. Cleaners such as the Vax carpet cleaner allow you to subject the carpet to a good scrub without the elbow grease. Many are multi-functional and also have washing systems to clean hardwood floors and upholstery so that you can give these surfaces some TLC without inflicting damage on them.
Declutter your home
Getting rid of clutter throughout the home is one of the best ways to keep the time you spend on your weekly clean to a minimum. Decluttering means giving your home a more minimalist appearance by removing or hiding items that are dust magnets. Those shelves of books that have never been read but need cleaning every week — give the books to charity or stick them in a cupboard. Take a good look around the home and categorize your items: keep, throw out and give away. Be ruthless when you’re clearing out the clutter. You’ll soon see your workload drop when it comes to cleaning and tidying.
Buy some storage solutions
An alternative to uncluttering the home is to invest in storage solutions such as plastic stacking boxes that are ideal for children’s toys. Storage options can also include large hollow footstools for books, magazines, and DVDs. Putting items away means less cleaning to eliminate accumulating dust. If you’re thinking of investing in a new bed or living room furniture then check out options with in-built storage facilities.
Climbing a hill is much easier than a mountain. It’s a good idea to tidy and clean on a daily basis. Wash dishes as you go instead of letting them pile up, and clean any spillages immediately before they transform into stains that are there to stay.
Cleaning isn’t exactly the most inspiring task, but with a little strategic thinking you can keep it to a minimum and still your home in order. You can then use the time that you save cleaning to spend quality moments together with your little ones. Wasn’t it worth it in the end?
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