JAVOedge Zipper Wallet Review and Giveaway

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I got a JAVOedge Snake Skin Zipper Wallet Case at no cost in exchange for an honest review

My Review
I’m a bit of a addict when it comes to purses and wallets. I’m always looking for new colors, new designs and ways to carry more in a smaller bag/wallet. One issue I always seem to have is how to conveniently carry my cell phone. I hate just throwing it in my bag and then I can’t find it when it rings. I don’t always have pockets to put it in either. This gorgeous little zipper wallet from JAVOedge solves that problem for me. This wallet has plenty of room for my most important cards I need to carry and will carry my smart phone also. The wallet has a strap on it so I can carry just the necessities, including my phone, with very little hassle. The quality is great. This is a wallet that will hold up for quite awhile. It has a nice strong zipper on it so I don’t have to worry about accidentally losing anything out of it. That cool little flower you see attached to it? That’s a screen cleaner for your phone. How cool is that? I love this wallet and I give it a 5/5!

You can find this wallet and cases and accessories for almost every other device on the market on their website and on Amazon
Win a Zipper Wallet in your choice of design!

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