Dead Winners Review

Powerball winners are being murdered and their winnings are missing. A decorated former Marine officer is tired and broken until given another shot at life: a loving girlfriend, a lottery commissioner’s job, and a seductive female governor as his new boss. Within his first week as a commissioner, Brent Layne discovers he’s trapped in a corruption pit with everyone around him either lying or dying.
I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
I love contemporary fiction that can seamlessly combine action, thrills and suspense. Dead Winners hit on every one of these perfectly. The story grabbed me from the first chapter and it was a non stop ride from there to the very last page. Dave McDonald has a rare talent for weaving a story that keeeps you guessing to the very end. Figuring out the endings to books early on is a kind of game I play with myself when I read. It’s a rare gem when I can say I truly did not see the end coming. This is defintely one of those books! There was gun play, murder, some twisted romance and a lot of action between all that. Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. This story shows some of the behind the scenes lottery politics, and highlights how far some people will go for the almighty dollar. I give this book a huge 5/5! You will not want to pass this book up!
About the Author
A romanticist at heart, with a deductive mind, I am a graduate engineer who traveled the world keeping commercial jet engines flying safely. I thought I loved my first career until I found my second, writing. For decades, I travelled abroad. At the time I was performing my job. In retrospect, I was collecting data; sights, smells, emotions, experiences, and stories for my second career. 
Over the past ten years, I’ve belonged to two writing groups. I’ve given presentations on editing at writing conferences. I’ve had a writing critique partner for the past eight years. 
I’ve written ten novels, with several more in seed. 
I live with my wife, Linda, and dog, Bentley, on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

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