Cost of Living 1963 vs Today

Have you ever had a conversation with your mom, dad or grandparents about what things used to cost in “the good old days”?
I hear it all the time from my dad. He’s constantly talking about how expensive things are now compared to when he was my age and younger. has put together a great info graphic that compares item’s prices in 1963 to what they cost today.
For example, a bottle of Coke used to cost $.05!
Now a bottle of Coke is anywhere from $1 to $1.50 and sometimes more, and the bottles are plastic not glass! That’s a pretty steep increase.
You can see the full graphic that has 24 different items shown with what they cost in 1963 and what they cost today

a few examples that kind of blew my mind:
Concert Ticket
then: $5.50
now: $139
then: $1.04
now: $3.49
I wish I could get milk for $1.04! My family goes through at least 3 gallons a week, sometimes more!
Check out the graphic and leave me a comment telling me what the most surprising or shocking price jump was for you!
  1. Bread! I know how much it takes to make a loaf of bread.. the ingredients don't cost that much and most of it is done in machines now! You would think the cost would go down.. Not up!

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