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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cost of Living 1963 vs Today

Have you ever had a conversation with your mom, dad or grandparents about what things used to cost in "the good old days"?

I hear it all the time from my dad. He's constantly talking about how expensive things are now compared to when he was my age and younger. has put together a great info graphic that compares item's prices in 1963 to what they cost today.

For example, a bottle of Coke used to cost $.05!

Now a bottle of Coke is anywhere from $1 to $1.50 and sometimes more, and the bottles are plastic not glass! That's a pretty steep increase.

You can see the full graphic that has 24 different items shown with what they cost in 1963 and what they cost today

a few examples that kind of blew my mind:

Concert Ticket
then: $5.50
now: $139

then: $1.04
now: $3.49

I wish I could get milk for $1.04! My family goes through at least 3 gallons a week, sometimes more!

Check out the graphic and leave me a comment telling me what the most surprising or shocking price jump was for you!


  1. Bread! I know how much it takes to make a loaf of bread.. the ingredients don't cost that much and most of it is done in machines now! You would think the cost would go down.. Not up!

  2. Wow the coke prices I wish I could fine it for a dime, What about gas I think the diff is crazy!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, I wish the prices of soda was the same. We buy alot of milk though so I would totally go for $1.04 a gallon. Thanks for sharing! This is awesome!!!