Arctic Chill Ice Ball Maker Review

Here at Arctic Chill we pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer of bar ware and kitchen accessories. It all started in 2013 when two brothers decided to manufacture some of the most premium and high end bar accessories out there. After several months of research and visiting some of the worlds largest distilleries Arctic Chill was finally born.
We take a lot of pride in what we do and we like to make sure all our products are made to the highest quality, that’s why with all of our products we offer a lifetime guarantee. Whether enjoying a few cocktails or a fine whiskey why not check out some of our great products to reminisce with.
I received a set of Silicone Ice Ball Makers at no cost in exchange for my honest review

My Review
I absolutely hate watery drinks. Not just alcohol either, any drink. I always put soda and stuff in the fridge because I don’t like putting ice in because it melts, and then waters the drink down. It’s just worse when it happens to my alcohol lol. These Arctic Chill Ice Balls are amazing. They last a lot longer then regular small ice cubes, so your done with your drink usually before it even starts to melt. They are so easy to use. They are round so I was wondering how they would sit in the freezer and not tip and spill, but there was no issue with that. they sat on my freezer shelf and didn’t move. Once they freeze, the ice balls come out of the silicone easily. They look really cool in drinks too. I filled and froze these as soon as I got them and then used one in my soda. The ice ball didn’t even start to melt until after about 2 1/2 hours. These are great for anyone, for any drink. They would also make a great gift for someone who has an in home bar and entertains. I’m very happy with this product!
They also sell a Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler. Both Products are available on
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