Activate Drinks Review

Is taking vitamins every day more of a hassle than it’s worth? Swallowing horse pills and dumping supplement powders into water bottles, mixing and shaking and blending, it just takes too much time right? Well Activate has the vitamin ingredients you need stored inside their unique cap, separate from the water! The ingredients stay powerful, fresh and offer the convenient, all-in-one delivery method you are looking for! It takes 2 seconds to twist the cap to release the vitamin into the water!
I received a case of mixed flavors of Activate water to try in exchange for my honest opinion.

My Review
I hate taking vitamins. They always seem to be huge pills that get stuck in my throat and leave a horrible after taste. Then I forget to take them every day so I’m not getting the benefit. I drink a lot of water, and I love flavored water. I was offered the chance to review the Activate water and jumped at it. The first thing I noticed, and liked, was that it’s not pre flavored. The vitamin powder is in a separate little spot under the cap. It’s very easy to turn the cap, the powder drops into the water, and you shake it and go! I get my flavored water I love and I get the essential vitamins I need. The best part is the flavor. The powder dissolves quickly and the different flavors are great. There is no chalky or powdery taste or after taste at all with the Activate water. The flavors are sweet but not too sweet. Even the flavors that I wouldn’t normally try like the Pomegranate and the Lemon Lime were really good! These waters are easy to carry, have amazing flavor, and are full of the vitamins your body really needs. I love my Activate water and wouldn’t go back to vitamins in pill form now. I HIGHLY recommend Activate!!

You can win a mixed case of Activate drinks!

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