W Concept Review

W Concept is a collection of thoughtfully selected/gathered items from internationally acclaimed and young designers alike.
Online fashion retailer W Concept has taken the time to breathe some life in to the fashion scene with a sexy new collaboration with abstract street artist Paul Richard. Not many street artists are recognized, which is a part of their underground thrill and appeal, let alone collaborate with fashion companies to create trendy fashion lines. W Concept has brought Paul Richard’s drip paintings that usually decorate the sidewalks of Lower Manhattan and various parts of Brooklyn to life through premium t-shirt, plush sweaters, and not-so-ordinary hoodies. These versatile pieces are complimentary to all from the hipster Fashionista to the high fashion socialite with eye catching abstract drip prints of skulls, the alphabet, foxes, and full male face sketches. Available for both men and women, these dynamic pieces start at $35.
I got to choose one of his items for no cost in exchange for my honest review. I chose the Alphabet Pepper Grey Hoodie

My Review
I love my comfortable, cozy and unique pieces in my wardrobe. I live in Florida, and while I don’t have a lot of need for sweats, it does get a bit chilly down here in the mornings. We actually got some really cold weather with this latest cold and snow storm throughout the US. My job also keeps the temperature a little lower because of the computers. It can be 90 degrees outside, and I still need a sweatshirt or light jacket inside. I love the designs that are offered by Paul Richard. I picked this hoodie because I loved the peppered gray color. I picked the Alphabet design because my 6 year old saw me browsing and said “that one!”. My boys have good taste. I picked Large so I would have a little wiggle room. I LOVE this jacket. It zippers in the front so I can take it on and off easily throughout the day as the temps change. The inside is so soft and snuggly. The hoodie itself is also very soft polyester and so very comfortable to wear. The hood is nice and roomy also. I just cannot say enough about how much I like this jacket. The artist is very talented and his designs are really unique. Not only does my son love the alphabet on it, but I get a lot of other comments on this also. I love to share information about products and the people who create those products. Paul Richard and this hoodie get a big 5/5 from me!

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