Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Set Review

Van Der Hagen Enterprises is the world’s premier manufacturer for shaving tools. Men nationwide are getting back to their roots, thanks to the brand’s boar and badger bristle shave brushes, pure, kettle processed shave soaps, ceramic shave bowls, post-shave balm and lotion, scrubs, and more. However, van der Hagen Enterprises’ back-to-basics, retro-inspired shave products are not for quirks, but for functionality. Each product is made from the purest ingredients and designed to deliver the closest, most cushioned and clean shave possible.
I received the Luxury Shave Set for my husband to review in exchange for an honest review

His Review
My husband usually likes to use the newest and coolest razors on the market. If it has a cool commercial and looks fancy he wants it. He doesn’t always like the choices in shave cream though, and has a very select few favorites. I couldn’t wait for him to try this set and see if he liked this soap and brush. He loves the old fashioned feel of the bowl and the badger brush. The soap has a great smell that he likes, and I like it too. The soap is hypoallergenic so it doesn’t bother his skin at all, and in fact leaves it feeling really smooth and nice. My boys get a kick out of watching daddy shave using the brush and the soap, they just think it’s so cool. He likes this soap better than the shaving cream he has been using in the past. This is a really nice set and he wants to keep buying and using the soap from Van Der Hagen instead of the canned shave cream.
This set would make a great Valentines Day gift for the man in your life. I give this a 5/5! Check out the company and what they have to offer at the links below!

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