Power Ranger Zeo Review

Following its debut in 1993, Saban’s iconic live-action pop culture series, Power Rangers quickly became the most watched children’s television program in North America. Emphasizing the importance of teamwork, responsibility and helping others by following the adventures of a group of ordinary young people who “morphed” into superheroes, this long-running series has been seen in more than 60 countries, translated into numerous languages, and remains a mainstay in children’s programming blocks. For 20 years, the highly entertaining saga and fan favorite characters from Power Rangers have captivated children and adults alike and are beloved by legions of fans worldwide.
We got a copy of  Power Rangers Zeo Volume Two at no cost in exchange for our honest review
The fearsome empire full of robots is menacing enough to scare Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa into fleeing with their forces, abandoning the Moon to these metallic conquerors. Joined by their bratty offspring Prince Sprocket, King Mondo and Queen Machina command a fearless army of Cogs, relentless robots dedicated to their masters’ evil plans to dominate the universe. With the discovery of powerful Zeo Crystals, the crime-fighters utilize their new Zeo powers to save Zordon and Alpha 5 from certain decimation.
The Ranger team continues to expand when the mysterious gold Power Ranger, Trey of the planet Triforia, arrives on Earth to fight the Machine Empire. When Trey falls in battle, it’s up to the original leader of the Power Rangers, Jason, to don the gold Ranger powers and harness the enormous Zord Pyramidas. Now armed with greater powers than ever before, new uniforms and their new Zeonizers, the Zeo Rangers are a virtual army capable of fighting the mindless robotic legions of the Machine Empire.
The Review
My boys have both been huge Power Rangers fans from the time they were able to sit and watch TV. They love the rangers and the other characters and the story lines are really great. There is plenty of action, adventure and lots of laughs too. This Zeo series of the Power Rangers introduces a new ranger and some new kinds of story lines. My boys were fascinated by these episodes and watch them over and over with the other DVD’s that they have in their collection. There are 25 episodes in the Volume 2 set so they have plenty of Power Rangers to watch as much as they want, anytime they want. Power Rangers is one of the shows that I don’t mind letting them watch. There’s no adult violence, no blood, and nothing inappropriate that they don’t understand. Now that they have Volume 2 of course they want Volume 1. They give Power Rangers Zeo a 5/5!

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