Candy Cloud Review

CandyCloud  was founded in Southern California by five individuals who share a passion for interior design and food. The company’s name is derived from our first product – our signature Macaron shaped pillows. We originally set out to design the most comfortable pillow we could think of when, all of a sudden, somebody pointed out to us, “Hey that pillow looks a lot like a macaron!” Everyone agreed and the rest is history so to speak!
I got one of the Macaron pillows at no cost in exchange for my honest review

My Review
I am in love with the cuteness of this pillow! I love stuff like this for my bedroom, and my couch. It’s cute, eye catching, it’s a conversation starter. My youngest son is obsessed with the color green so I picked this Pistachio Green pillow, even though the pillow is for me and not him lol. I’m sure it will eventually end up on his bed when I’m not looking though. This pillow is fluffy and so soft to the touch and just perfect for cuddling with or for propping up in bed with. It’s a little un perfect in size all around which makes it all the more realistic. Whether under your head, behind your back, being cuddled or just being shown off as an accent this pillow could not be more perfect! I love it! Everyone should have one, so check out the links and see all the choices they have!

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