Brewster Leads the Way Chuggington DVD Review and Giveaway

Everyone’s favorite blue and yellow chugger is making tracks on his very own DVD! In these six traintastic episodes plus Chugger Spotlights, a Bonus Badge Quest Episode, and a new music video – Brewster starts the digging of a new tunnel, saves new chuggineers Zack, Tyne and Fletch from a flash flood caused by a bursting river, and pitches in to fix Old Puffer Pete. And with friends like Wilson and Koko along for the ride, Brewster and your own little chuggers will discover the importance of helping others and working together as they ride the rails and honk their horns!
We got a copy of Brewster Leads the Way at no cost in exchange for an honest review
Our Review
The stories, the characters, the voices and the adventures, my boys love it all! Chuggington is one of their favorite series of all time. They get so excited when they see new episodes and get new DVD’s. They love all the adventures that the trains get to have and I love that the episodes teach some very valuable lessons like respect and teamwork. This is a great family show to sit and watch together, the characters and stories are so neat even adults will find themselves entranced. This is a show that will remain a favorite in our house for a long time!
This DVD has 6 great episodes on it, plus it’s packed with extra’s.
Win a DVD!

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