Better Than Pants T-Shirt Review

If you’re looking for funny t-shirts, you’ve found the right spot! We have a huge collection of funny tshirts that are guaranteed to get a laugh. All of our funny shirts are printed on 100% cotton and are pre-shrunk so they will fit you perfect.
I got to pick 3 t-shirts from Better Than Pants at no cost in exchange for my honest opinion
My Review
I love t-shirts. I live in t-shirts. I am lucky enough to work in a job where I can wear jeans and t-shirts every day, so I cannot have enough t-shirts lately. I don’t own any plain t-shirts. I love to shop for and wear t-shirts that have funny sayings and pictures, or that have something on them that means something to me. I was offered the chance to review for Better Than Pants T-Shirts. It took me forever to pick out which ones I wanted because they have so many to choose from. I needed new shirts for work so I had to make sure they were work appropriate. They have a ridiculous amount of sayings and logos to choose from. You can choose your t-shirt style, color and a pre made image or wording, or you can create your own t-shirt with your own picture and words. I picked the 3 shirts pictured above. The hear no evil, see no evil shirt is actually pink but the color didn’t show up well with my camera. I picked the Made in the 80’s because I am an 80’s baby through and through! If you don’t know the face on my other t-shirt, it’s Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, one of my favorite shows of all time!
The t-shirts are true to size and pre shrunk so they fit the same even after washing. The colors and designs are bright and also don’t fade with washing. The shirts are soft and comfortable to wear, I love these shirts and wear them a couple times a week. They are super affordable so you can buy all the ones that speak to you and not break the bank. It doesn’t get much better than that! Check out Better Than Pants for all your t-shirt needs, you won’t be disappointed I promise!

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