Active DLites Probiotic Chocolate Review

Active D’Lites Functional Chocolate Bars! We are experts in delivering the benefits of probiotics through great tasting treats. All of our Active D’LitesTM bars contain probiotics and prebiotics. This combination, known as synbiotic, works together to promote and sustain your digestive health. The Active D’Lites products were specifically formulated go beyond the benefits of a sugar free and low carb treat. The goal with creating Active D’Lites, is to be able to reach every person during every stage of their lives. We believe that Probiotics and Prebiotics are key ingredients for a healthy immune and digestive system.

I received a variety of different flavored chocolates from Active DLites to try in exchange for my honest review
I got
Mint Truffle Daily Bite
Chocolate Truffle Daily Bite
Coconut Daily Bite
Caramel Bar
Almond Bar and 
Cranberry Almond Bar
My Review
I have been trying to be a little more health conscious as I get a little bit older (where did the time go?? lol). I’m never really sure what vitamins I should be taking and what works for this or that. Then I don’t like how big the vitamins and supplements are, they taste gross or leave a gross aftertaste. One thing I know that everybody needs and should take is Pre and Pro Biotics. Everyone I talk to has some sort of stomach/digestive issue it seems. When I go into the store there are so many different brands and types to choose from, it’s overwhelming. I received these samples from Active DLites and I’ve tried all the flavors. These are delicious! The chocolate makes it fun to take your vitamins. They taste just like you’re eating a candy bar, but your getting health benefits too! These really are good, I promise. I know some things say chocolate and you taste it and it’s chalky or tastes funny. Not these. If you didn’t read the label you wouldn’t know you were eating something good for you. These make it very easy to make sure you are getting at least one of the supplements you may need, in a very yummy way! I give Active DLites a big 5/5!

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