Tickety Toc The Unstoppable Unpoppable Bubble Review

In The Unstoppable, Unpoppable Bubble, our comedic heroes Tommy and Tallulah test McCoggins new unpoppable bubble formula! But soon an unpoppable bubble becomes so large it engulfs the whole town! Will the town be rescued from the extra-large and extra-strong bubble? Will Tommy & Tallulah make it out of the bubble in time to chime? In this and 5 other exciting adventures, the Tickety Town team, along with your own preschoolers, will learn the importance of teamwork, community and social responsibility.
As a special bonus, the DVD also includes an adorable paint booklet so preschoolers can enjoy art time, as well as viewing time, along with their favorite Tickety Toc characters!
Our Review
This Tickety Toc DVD is another big hit with my boys! They have come to really love these stories and the characters. The animation is adorable and the characters are so adorable and likable. My 6 year old especially loves these DVD’s. He is just starting to get into telling time and gets a big kick out of Tickety Toc’s Tommy and Tallulah. He thought the big bubble was hilarious and laughed quite a bit while the heroes worked together to save the town. I love that there are great lessons in this show like teamwork. Both my boys liked the paint booklet also and we had quite a few quiet moments while they were watching the show and creating masterpieces. Every home with preschoolers, and even a little older, should have Tickety Toc as part of their DVD collection!
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