The Original PlasmaCar Review

The Original PlasmaCar is an innovative, ride-on toy that harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction, and kid power. No batteries, gears, or pedals. Patented safety seat design places rider in a safe, comfortable position and minimizes tipping. Use indoors or out on a smooth, flat surface. Supports up to 220 lbs/99.8 kg. Age 3+

My family was lucky enough to receive an Original PlasmaCar to review in exchange for our honest opinion.

Our Review

I have to say this is the coolest ride-on toy ever! There are no pedals, no brakes or chains to get rusty or tangled and it uses the kids own body movement. It makes them work to get it to go!  This is a very sturdy ride-on toy also. My boys are already 6 and 8 and I didn’t want to get something that they would outgrow in a short time. The PlasmaCar can support up to 220 pounds! That’s me and my husband combined lol.

This was very easy to put together. It only took about 15-20 min for my husband to get it all together and get it set under the tree for the boys. As you can see my 6 year old was more worried about the wrapped presents than this lol. Once everything was unwrapped and we took him out and showed him what the PlasmaCar did he was a bit more enthusiastic about it.

They have so much fun with this and they both really get a work out from it.  The PlasmaCar can get up to 6 mph. The instructions are very easy for even the youngest rider to understand.

1. Place the PlasmaCar on a smooth, flat surface.
2 Sit with the feet on the footrests, lean slightly forward, and grip the 
 steering wheel.
3. To propel the car forward, turn the steering wheel back and 
 forth continuously. 
 To go in reverse, rotate the steering wheel 180 degrees.
4. To bring the PlasmaCar to a stop, stop turning the wheel, wait for the car 

 to slow, and put your feet on the ground.

I just cannot say enough how great this ride-on is and how much my boys love it!

PlasmaCar gets a HUGE 5/5 from us!!

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