The Christmas Owl Review

Inspired by her own love of owls, author Angela Muse’s “The Christmas Owl” follows the adventures of a Barred Owl who becomes injured and must ask others for help. He promises to give back to those who have a generous and kind heart – and he is true to his word. Filled with beautiful illustrations, “The Christmas Owl” is a heartwarming story that helps families celebrate the season of giving. It also makes a perfect gift or stocking stuffer!
I received a paperback copy of The Christmas Owl in exchange for my honest review
Our Review
This is a very sweet story about an owl that is injured and needs others help. He receives the help he needs so he can get better. Then he returns the kindness he received from the generous friends who helped him. This story teaches such a great lesson in compassion and kindness for others. The story is told in rhyming that keeps younger kids attention and is fun to read. The illustrations are beautiful and my boys loved reading this book together and to each other. My 6 year old loved identifying all the different animals. This is a great book to add to your bookshelf and to your holiday traditions. 5/5 from us!
About the Author
“The Christmas Owl” is the latest book from Angela Muse. Angela was born into a military family, which meant she had to get used to being the “new kid” in school every couple of years. It was hard for her to make new friends, but she soon discovered she had a knack for writing. In high school, Angela began writing poetry and song lyrics and, after becoming a mom in 2003, she continued her storytelling to her own children. In 2009, she wrote and self-published her first children’s book. Since then, she has published several additional children’s picture books – as well as her first young adult romance novel! – through Amazon’s independent publishing platforms, CreateSpace (for print books) and Kindle Direct Publishing (for e-books).

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