Shoplet House of Doolittle Review

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I received 2 products to review in exchange for my honest opinion

House of Doolittle Weekly Business Planner

and the

House of Doolittle Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

My Review
I have so much going on my life on a weekly basis, it’s exhausting. I run this blog, I work full time, and I run my household. I take care of all the appointments that need to be made, make sure bills get paid on time, and I have to keep track of work schedules, days off, and special days. I have to have really good calendars to be able to keep up with all of this. These two House of Doolittle planners came at the perfect time to get things organized and going for the new year.
The weekly planner is great to take along with me to doctor appointments and other places so I can look at what I have going on and schedule easily for follow ups and new plans that need to be made. I can see my whole week at a glance and know where I have time to fit things in. i also like that it has some very valuable information in the back of the book. It lists out time zones, air miles between destinations, a large list of toll-free numbers and metric conversions. This is a planner that I will use all year, and I will definitely keep purchasing this brand in the future.
I love the monthly desk pad calendar as well. I don’t have a desk to set it on right now, so we have hung it on the wall so everyone can see what is going on for the month. This calendar has plenty of space to write so i can fit more than one event on one day. This makes it very easy for us to know what’s going on for the month and be able to plan accordingly. 
Both these calendars get a 5/5!
  1. I love the House of Doolittle planners! I wish I would have thought of them this year when I snagged a planner in haste at a local drug store. I felt super overwhelmed so I needed something RIGHT AWAY! I cannot live without a paper planner. Otherwise, I'm all things electronic. In fact, I'm going to remind myself to pick up a House of Doolittle planner next year around November so I don't enter the same frenzy I did this year!

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