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Pure Health Naturally provides food-based supplements from around the world. All our supplements are free of binders, fillers and other things you don’t need or want. We also offer great, low prices.
I got the 5 products pictured above to review in exchange for my honest opinion

I got the 
My Reviews
Nautures Relief Tea~This tea had a nice, yet light flavor to it.  It was slightly aromatic as well easy to drink.  It really helped with some of the stomach issues I have from taking pain medications.  It helped to keep me regular, but not overly, and it also had a soothing effect on my stomach.

Rhodiola Rosea~These capsules are used to promote healthy energy levels.  To me, that means it is used to help with your natural energy, but not give you a big boost of energy like caffeine pills or energy drinks.  After trying this supplement, I felt like myself, but just a little better.  I was able to concentrate and focus more on my daily tasks because my energy levels were where they needed to be, and also I just felt calm and in an ok mood in general.  I was definitely not used to my energy levels being on track.

White Mulberry~White Mulberry is an herb that is native to China.  It is most commonly used as a treatment for diabetes.  It has also been tried as a treatment for constipation, the common cold and it’s symptoms, muscle and joint pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more.  I do have a better overall feeling since beginning to take this supplement, however, I can’t witness to effects that it has on those with diabetes or any of the other problems that this supplement is used to treat.

Natural Defense~Simply put, this supplement is used in promoting a healthy immune system.  There isn’t much I can say about how I felt after taking this supplement.  I believe it does what it is supposed to do, which is help boost your immune system, or promote a healthy immune system.  It contains Vitamin C, and Immuno-LP20.  These are both nutrients that your body needs to fight away things like that common cold.  I was a bit under the weather when I took it, but I think it helped fight away my illness faster than if I hadn’t taken it.

Sleep Sweetly~This supplement is used to support rest and relaxation.  Seeing as how I rarely sleep, and am constantly restless, trying this supplement was great for me.  I found that I did get a bit more rest and felt more relaxed when it was time for bed.  Sleep Sweetly contains Lemon Balm, which is believed to have calming effects.  I liked the way this supplement made me feel, not sleepy, but calm enough to get some much needed rest.

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