Music to My Nose Review

Music Inspired Perfume
Combining Fragrance & Music/Create Your Own Scent Symphony

I received 2 different scents to try in exchange for my honest opinion

If music were to have a scent, what would it be?

My Review

I love perfumes and body sprays. I am always up to trying new brands and scents. I really like these roller ball perfumes because they are so easy to use and carry around with you. The design of these 2 that I got are really pretty. The scents blew me away. They are so perfect for me. The Melody is very light and I smell the Vanilla the most in that one. Vanilla is one of my all time favorite scents to wear. The scents are in fractionated coconut oil. It rubs in completely so I don’t worry about my skin feeling oily or greasy where I wear it. The  Country has a bit of a stronger scent to it. I can really smell the Peach and Jasmine in that one. With these I can decide which one I think will work for my day, light or a little stronger, based on my mood. I’m very happy with these products and I have recommended them to my family and friends. 5/5 rating!

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