JFK A New World Order Review

Fifty years after his death, President John F. Kennedy’s life and legacy continues to capture the hearts and minds of an entire nation. Experience the history all over again as a new generation of Americans is introduced to the compelling story of this unforgettable leader, and the political dynasty that he left behind. Insightful and concise, this eight – part documentary series covers the life of JFK, from his perilous birth to his dramatic assassination in 1963.
I received a copy of this Blue-Ray DVD Combo to review in exchange for my honest opinion
Program 1: Early Years
John F. Kennedy’s life through his election as the 35th President of the United States.
Program 2: For All to See
The 1960 Presidential election and the many obstacles, including familial and religious, that Kennedy needed to overcome to win the United States Presidency.
Program 3: New Frontiers
The beginnings of John F. Kennedy’s presidency.
Program 4: Doomsday Averted 
The Bay of Pigs and The Cuban Missile Crisis, to his proudest achievements, the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
Program 5: A Wall of Words
The origins of Soviet-American tensions in the divided city of Berlin from the final days of World War II up through the time of John F. Kennedy’s Presidency.
Program 6: War Within & Without Part 1
Civil Rights, from his record as a senator up though the transformation near the end of his life that would help inspire the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Program 7: War Within & Without Part 2
The events in Southeast Asia that eventually led to America’s war in Vietnam.
Program 8: Camelot And Beyond 
His health and private life, marriage and family, the myth of Camelot, and finally, his assassination and legacy.
1. Kennedy vs. Nixon Debate
2. Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
3. Funeral Service of President John F. Kennedy
My Review
I’m a bit of a history buff, and JFK’s life and story has always been especially intriguing to me. My dad was about 7 when the assassination happened so I’ve heard him and my grandparents talk about it a lot. I was very impressed with the quality of the dvd and the amount of information, pictures, interviews and the bonus material that was included. There is a lot of fascinating information on this dvd and it kept me and even my kids engaged throughout the episodes. The footage from the funeral was very sad and really tugs at the heart strings. If you are a history buff like me and enjoy a good documentary then this dvd should be in your collection. A big 5/5!
Available at major retail stores and on Mill Creek Entertainment

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