Half Popped Book Review

Half Popped is the heart-warming and whimsical story of Kenny the Kernel, a discouraged but friendly popcorn kernel who believes he never reached his full potential. As Kenny journeys through the kitchen, he helps cheer up other down-on-their-luck snacks by pointing out the bright side to their situations, all the while harboring a half-empty view of himself. Until…. 
With a silly, story-telling rhyme evocative of Shel Silverstein poetry and unique artwork that combines photography and illustration, the charming tale serves as a lesson in self-confidence and reminds young readers that a genuine compliment has the power to make a friend’s day. 
Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see it, but there’s a place and a purpose in this world for everyone – even Kenny the Kernel, who was only half popped, and turned out that way when the microwave stopped.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review
My Review
I’m so happy I get to add this amazing book to my boys bookshelf. This is a very sweet tale about Kenny the Kernel. The microwave stopped and he wound up only half popped. He feels quite down about himself, but decides to take a little walk about through the kitchen. He encounters other foods that don’t think they are great either. Even though Kenny is only half popped and looks different, he still manages to be the one to cheer the other foods up about their situations.
This really is a great story for kids. Just because you look a little different doesn’t mean your not special in your own way. The story is told in rhyme which is very engaging for my young boys. The illustrations are bright and colorful and my boys loved them. Every family should have a copy of this book to share with their kids. This would be a great book for a classroom also!
A big 5/5 from us!

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