FRAAS Scarf Review

Timeless elegance and current fashion trends. The result of this unique combination is exclusive scarves, cloths or capes which give quite a personal note to an outfit. Whether glamorous or casual, classical or modern, sporty or elegant: FRAAS offers the ideal accessory for every personality, every style and every occasion.
I got a gorgeous FRAAS scarf to review in exchange for my honest opinion

The one I got is the Metallic Zebra style. Its pretty use of metallic yarns (mixed with acrylic and viscose) combines with the always popular animal print, to create a 12×80 inch accessory that works beautifully as both a wrap and scarf.  Three color ways are featured including a black combo, as well as gold and silver.  Great for dress up, special occasions’ or just for fun, it retails for $35.

My Review
I’m a pretty basic kind of girl . Jeans, t-shirts and flip flops or sneakers are my staples in my wardrobe. We don’t go out anywhere fancy very often, but when we do I like to have a few nice accessory pieces to turn basic into dressy. One of things I’ve come to love is fashion scarves. They can make even the plainest jeans and t shirt look like a dressy outfit. I absolutely love this FRAAS Metallic Zebra scarf I got. I love the silver color, the way the color fades a bit from darker to lighter, and I especially like the glittery sparkly look to the scarf in the zebra print. I can start out my day with this scarf around my neck looped in different ways, and if I get cool I can use it as a wrap also. I work in a call center and it can get pretty cold in the building. I have gotten so many comments and compliments on this piece when I wear it. I love showing it off and I’m more than happy to make sure people know exactly how they can get one just like it. The quality of this scarf is amazing and I can’t wait to get some different designs from FRAAS. The cost is another great point with FRAAS. They are very budget friendly! You can get some great beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe and not bust the bank. I give this scarf and FRAAS a big 5/5!
Fraas is sold worldwide via department and specialty stores as well as online retailers. They may also order from the company by calling 212-575-0191. Select styles are available on and

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