Busy Dizzy Book Review

This story for children ages 4-8, tells the tale of Miss Young’s class and their unexpected visitors: Busy Dizzies. Or, in other words, the strange little negative voice that sometimes comes near and whispers into your ear… 
My Review
This is a great book for young kids! This is a cute rhyming story about the Busy Dizzies who whisper doubts in children’s, and really everyone’s ears. The illustrations are cute and funny and the whole story is engaging for kids and families. The story gives kids self empowerment to have confidence in their actions in their daily life. I have 2 boys, 6 and 8 years old. They are both big self doubters so I really loved this book for them. They loved the Busy Dizzies and couldn’t wait to draw their own. This makes a great bedtime story and a great anytime story. Every family with children should have a copy of this book!
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