Smart Silk Pillow Review and Giveaway

The SmartSilk™ All Natural Bedding Collection provides all season comfort and the luxury of sleeping in breathable silk fill along with a soft cotton finish, offering a more comfortable night’s sleep. The SmartSilk™ Luxury Bedding Collection is created and produced in-house and was developed and designed in Canada.
Smart Silk sent me 2 of their Queen size pillows to review in exchange for my honest opinion

My Review
Pillows are a very important item to me. I have a lot of back and neck problems and don’t sleep well, so being as comfortable as possible is a very big deal. I couldn’t wait to try these pillows out when they came.  I like my pillows to be thick but soft at the same time. These pillows have a unique polyester micro gel fiber filling that provides just the right amount of support for my neck and fluffy for my comfort. My husband who usually likes his pillows very flat, actually likes these pillows too. They are allergy and asthma friendly which is great because my boys sleep in our bed sometimes, and they both have allergies. The absolute best thing about these pillows is that they adjust to your body temperature. I like my pillows to be cool and these are great in that department! No more flipping my pillows a dozen times a night. If you are looking for the perfect new pillow for your bed you need to check out Smart Silk!
Smart Silk launched a luxury pet bedding and apparel line called Paws n’Silk. 

This line is also available on Smartsilk’s web site in their “For Your 4 Legged Friends” section. 
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Win a standard set of Smart Silk Pillows!

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