Sijjl Wool Hat Review

SIJJL is a Boston-based clothing and accessories company specializing in winter hats and scarves handmade in Nepal. We founded in 2009, after a trip to Nepal in which we discovered talented artisans crafting beautiful, colorful wool hats and scarves by hand.
Our mission at is to provide sustainable, fair wage employment to the people of Nepal through the production of colorful wool hats, silk scarves and other handmade accessories that are as unique and beautiful as the people who wear them.
Make a statement. Make a difference. Make a Choice.
I received the Blu Knitted Bill Hat to review in exchange for my honest opinion
Pretty blue bill hat. This hand knitted winter hat features a blue color natural wool, it goes with anything from neutral to soft colors. Wear it and you will love the way you look. Cute and stylish for casual or formal wear.
-Natural wool.
-Partially lined with soft fleece.
-Spot clean.
-Hand Knitted in Nepal.
-One-size fits most.
Our Review
My hat was grabbed as soon as I got it. My 6 year old has a thing for hats, and he decided this one was his from now on. The quality of this hat is really nice. We live in Florida, but there are still some cool days, and a lot of rainy days. He is very susceptible to ear infections still, he in fact just spent 7 days in the hospital on antibiotics because he had a bad one that went septic. So we still want to cover his head and ears on gloomy cool days. This hat is perfect and he thinks it’s just the coolest thing ever. He loves the wool material and how soft it is on the inside. The color is a dark blue which in one of his favorites. He’s a very active child and this hat holds up really well to all his running around and taking it on and off a million times. The hat holds it’s shape and fits his head like it was made just for him. Now my 8 year old is jealous of course lol. So there will be some upcoming purchases of SIJJL products for us. We give this hat a big 5/5!!

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