Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Review

In 1991 we were inspired to offer a gentle deodorant that worked effectively without harmful chemicals, a product so natural and safe that medical doctors and health practitioners would give their full recommendation. Having stumbled upon the idea that a raw crystal stone could simply be wetted with water and rubbed in on your skin, stopping those yucky odor-causing bacteria, Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal came alive. Yes, it sounded unusual and unbelievable, but much to our surprise the results were amazing!

Dive into deep freshness. GEODEO® Natural Deodorant Plus Detox Complex™ uses breakthrough eco-technology to help cleanse your pores, releasing the daily buildup of toxins. Reach a new level of purity which keeps you fresh from the inside out for up to 24-hour odor protection. Naturally-derived invisible solid goes on dry, clear and smooth, leaving no stains or residue.
– volcanic minerals + icelandic algae fights impurities
– enzymes neutralize odors
– bamboo + aloe nourish skin
– vitamin e for free radicals
My Review
I have tried numerous deodorants over the years. I have a very select few that I am loyal to, but I’m always willing to give new products a try. I have very sensitive skin so I have to use products that are mostly or all natural that won’t make me break out. A lot of the products are all natural and smell great, but don’t have the lasting power that I need. I was very happy with this deodorant. It smells great, it’s great for my skin, and it really does last. Between working full time in a high stress job and taking care of my boys and my house, I don’t want to have to constantly be worrying if my deodorant is working. I’ve been very happy with this product and I’ve recommended it to several of my family and friends who also have skin issues. I give this a big 5/5!!

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