mustbkarma is a brand devoted to promoting a positive lifestyle through our merchandise such as apparel, jewelry, accessories and more.  mustbkarma is dedicated to supporting the cause of preventing female infanticide through education and mentoring of women. We dedicate 40% of our profits towards this important women’s issue to She’s the First. Our ethos: to raise awareness and promote positive change through our brand that promotes empowering women.
I received 2 t-shirts from mustbekarma to review in exchange for my honest opinion

My Review
I love t-shirts. If you follow this blog on a regular basis you already know this. I think t-shirts are the greatest and easiest way to get messages across and they are an awesome way to express your individuality. I got these 2 t-shirts from mustbkarma and immediately had to wear them and see how they fit. These shirts are super soft and comfortable to wear. The designs are very cute and are eye catching. I wear these to work all the time and everyone loves them.  I’ve shared the website so everyone can see what they have to offer. The cause behind this company is really great too, and the products are very budget friendly. It’s an all around win win. Check them out!

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